As the curve of COVID-19 infections is slowly flattening, businesses and corporate companies are planning new practices to bring their operations back to normal. Most of them are open to allow a number of their employees to work remotely. They’re also vastly reducing travel and attendance at conferences. These new practices will help them reduce the risk of their employees getting infected, cut the office space, and recruit talents from different parts of the country. Many tech companies already have a significant portion of their employees working from home with great productivity. That’s why they are in a unique advantage of coping with the situation pretty easily.

In the past few weeks, CEOs of top tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Hewlett-Packard, and Google have shared insight into their plans for the future workplace. Let’s take a look at it.

How companies are planning on keeping everything on track?

Jack Dorsey, the Chief Executive of Twitter published a note for the employees on May 12, 2020. It states that even after this coronavirus pandemic passes most of them would be allowed to work remotely. Nearly 5000 employees work on this San Francisco-based tech company. And from this statement, it seems like they are going to have a significant cut of their total employee working from home. At least until everything becomes normal and they re-engineer their operations for the post-COVID-19 situation.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook Inc. has stated that the company will allow  majority of the employees to work from home through the end of 2020. Within this period all travels will be severely cut back.

Hewlett-Packard’s CEO Antonio Neri has also shared the measures his company has taken in response to this global health crisis. They have formed a specialized team to work with their Crisis Management Team. Mapping out their approach to bring employees back in the office when it is safe to do is this team’s one of the first initiatives. He has also stated that the company won’t lift the work from home guidance as soon as the government removes the order. They’ll only reopen their workplace when they feel confident to welcome back their employees. And they have the necessary infrastructure prepared to maintain proper physical distancing while working.

Has working from home caused a decrease in the productivity of the employees?

Many thought that productivity was going to plunge due to remote working. But surprisingly it has been pretty good for most of the companies.

Prodoscore, a workplace-monitoring company recently shared an analysis of 100 million data points from 30,000 Americans. According to that, in March and April, the U.S. workers were 47% more productive than they were in the same two months a year ago through email, chat applications, and cloud-based business tools.

What does this mean for the developers?

Tech companies are already familiar with the remote working culture. But in the current situation, they are allowing more employees to work remotely then they ever did in the past. This will encourage companies that aren’t familiar with this culture to hire remote workers as well.

Also, factors like increased productivity and reduced office maintenance cost will help creating more jobs opportunities for remote workers.