Just like traditional workers, freelancers are experiencing career setbacks and financial hardship due to the COVID-19 crisis. To help them adapt to the situation and find freelance jobs during this pandemic, we’ve discussed some key strategies to apply in this article.

Be Prepared to Offer Solutions

At this moment every company is going through difficulties and trying to take necessary measures in response. Keep your eyes on how the leaders are dealing with the crisis and where they are still struggling. Your goal should be to find out the problems that you can provide the solutions of.

Because in this situation they are most probably going to hire a remote worker to solve the problems. So, when you get a chance to apply for their job or give an interview you can show the prospective employer that you have the skills they need. Also, you can suggest possible solutions that will greatly help you to stand out from the rest of the candidates.

Target the Industries That Have Surged

planning to find freelance jobs

Not every industry is affected in the same way by the coronavirus pandemic. Companies in hospitality, travel, and food services have taken the hardest hit. Whereas online shopping and delivery, warehousing and healthcare companies have surged. These companies are hiring for thousands of new full and part-time positions to meet the demand. This is why now is a great time to be a freelancer.

You may not have worked in these industries before. But you’ll still find many companies that can use your help. So, try to identify and apply to the companies that are doing well in the current situation.

Revamp Your Resume for Freelance Jobs

As you’ll apply for jobs of some industries that you may not have worked on before, you should take your time to revamp your resume. Highlight your current career accomplishments and skills that are relevant to the industry.

Employers only want to know how hiring you will benefit their company. It’s no different now. So, when applying for a job read the job description carefully and prepare your resume showcasing the specific skills that match it.

Reconnect with Everyone in Your Network

In busier periods, freelancers often get more job offers than they can handle. You may have had contact with some clients that you couldn’t work with during crunch times. Now is the perfect time to check back on them. You can use a tried-and-true email template to reach out. Or you can simply ask questions: How’s everything going? What are they struggling with?

Also, you can have a chat with your friends or old colleagues to see if they know someone who is hiring people with skills similar to yours. To expand your network and job search furthermore, you can join professional Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

How Developer-Board Can Help Find Freelance Jobs

If you’re a software developer, finding the right job to apply can be time-consuming and tiring. You have to visit multiple websites and scroll through hundreds of job posts before you can find a suitable one. To make this process easier, we collect all the software developing jobs posted on websites like Stackoverflow, Remote Ok, and WeWorkRemotely, organize them with tags, and list them on our website. So, you can find all the jobs in one place and easily search for specific ones using keywords.